Ryan Jenkins’ father said he believes his son is innocent and that he intends to offer a reward for the capture of Jasmine Fiore’s killer.

Her body was found stuffed inside a suitcase and dumped in a trash bin near Los Angeles. The only suspect was her ex-husband, Calgary millionaire and reality TV participant Ryan Jenkins.

He was found hanged in a Hope motel on Aug. 23.

In a letter to a Calgary newspaper, Dan Jenkins said he believes his son spent his last three days “alone … watching the media report that he was the brutal killer of his own wife.”

“On television it was as if he had been tried and convicted. I think in his loneliness and despair he simply gave up,” Dan Jenkins said.

“Once I am in better shape, I intend to offer a reward for the capture of her killer. I offer my sincerest condolences for Jasmine’s family.”

The letter also says that the marriage to Fiore was passionate and tumultuous. They tied the knot three days after meeting and Ryan Jenkins later spent two days in jail for pushing Fiore into a Las Vegas hotel pool, claiming he saw her kiss another man.

Dan Jenkins said his son drove to Canada only at the behest of his mom after he thought that Fiore had left him for good.

He was found days later hanged at the Thunderbird Motel. An unidentified woman driving a PT Cruiser with Alberta licence plates checked him in.

On Friday, the RCMP said no charges will be filed against the woman because she helped him get the room one day before a criminal warrant was issued in Canada.

While she was never identified, the PT Cruiser was found at the Coal Harbour condo where Jenkins’ half-sister lives.

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