TORONTO - The father of a baby girl at the centre of heart donor drama in Toronto says her survival in the face of a rare brain condition shows she's a "complex little girl."

Jason Wallace says he wants his two-month-old daughter Kaylee to live, but also wants to save another child if she can't survive. After being taken off life support Tuesday night in the expectation she would die and her heart would be transplanted into another ill infant, Kaylee began breathing on her own.

Wallace says his daughter is "feisty" and is going to make her decision to live on "her terms and nobody else's."

Kaylee is in Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children to be treated for Joubert syndrome, a malformation of the brain and brain stem.

It was believed the severity of the condition would prevent her from breathing without a respirator when she sleeps, but the girl has defied that prognosis.

She also has severe kidney problems.

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