On multiple occasions, Todd Palin offered to buy his daughter Bristol a car if she would break up Levi Johnston, according to an upcoming GQ article, usmagazine.com reports.

New York magazine obtained an advance copy of the story, which features a photo of a shirtless Levi, 19, putting a diaper on a baby.

In the story, Levi says getting back together with Bristol, 18, is “not even in” his mind.

After welcoming son Tripp in December, Levi and Bristol announced in March that they would split.

Things turned frosty earlier this spring when Levi went on a press tour, declaring on The Tyra Banks Show, CBS’s Early Show and Larry King Live that Brisol and the Palin family won’t let him be alone with son Tripp.

Sarah Palin’s father Chuck Heath even snipped to Us Weekly: “I don’t agree with what he’s doing right now... I wish he’d take some of this money he’s making and buy some diapers with it.”

In May, he said this of Bristol on CBS: “She seems to trust me a little bit more ... Things are going pretty smooth now. So, we’ll see what happens, and hopefully, you know, she holds to her word on that.”

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