Martine Gaillard co-hosts Sportsnet Connected Prime-Time Edition.


Martine Gaillard, co-host of Sportsnet Connected Prime-Time Edition. She was born in Melfort, Sask. Her career highlight was covering the 2000 World Series between the Mets and Yankees.


Q: What is your fondest memory from your family kitchen?


A: I loved to sit on a stool at the counter and watch my mom bake. I always got a taste of the bun dough or licked the spoons before she put whatever she was making in the oven.


Q: What kitchen aromas bring back fond memories?

A: There are two that stand out. One, is my mom’s amazing pies. Secondly, my dad’s popcorn. I have no idea why his tastes better than anyone’s on the planet. When I’m back home, as soon as we smell the aroma we drop what are doing and congregate around the television set and watch a movie as a family, just like when we were kids.

Q: Who is your favourite cook?

A: Do I only get one choice? I’ll start off by saying my dad. Lately, I’ve been watching Giada De Laurentiis’ cooking show. She makes it so simple and effortless to cook great Italian food. I adore Italian food it always seems so homey and warm to me!

Q: Do you use cookbooks?

A: Yes! I love going out and getting the ingredients and seeing the results of someone else’s tried and tested plan.

Q: What is your favourite food to cook?

A: My specialty is blueberry pie and apple pie. I also make a terrific paella for dinner parties.

Q: How did the first meal you prepared turn out?

A: My mom worked when I was a kid, so it was my responsibility to prepare dinner (I was the eldest of three daughters). I poured a can of mushroom soup on pork chops. Can’t say I’ve kept that recipe.

Q: What traditions from your heritage involving food do you partake in?

A: I haven’t mastered this treat on my own, so, every time I go home my dad makes crèpes and sausages for breakfast. My grandfather was from Brittany, France, his recipe has been carried over from generation-to-generation.