While his mother allegedly stabbed his father with a kitchen knife in the family’s RV, young Martin Craig was fast asleep just metres away, police testified yesterday.
When city police patrol officer Paul Bosley arrived at the scene of a stabbing on Donnelly Drive early on March 31, 2006, he heard that there was a child in the RV parked outside the convenience store and gas bar.
Upon entering the RV, he discovered Jack Craig on the floor. “He had a puncture wound” on the left side of his hip area, Bosley said. “He was wearing long underwear and had a lot of blood on the long underwear.”
Bosley found Martin Craig, age 9, asleep in the back bedroom.
“He appeared to be in good health and was not aware of what was transpiring,” said Bosley. “I decided since (paramedics) were working on the victim, it was best to leave him sleeping. I didn’t want to expose him to it.”
Jack Craig later died from his injuries. His wife, Teresa Craig, is on trial for first-degree murder.
Bosley woke the boy and walked him out after the paramedics removed the victim.
“The boy seemed “in good spirits” and because it was dark, seemed “unaware of what took place,” he said.
In photographs and video footage captured by Forensic Identification Unit Constable Tammy Nault, the jury saw the sofa bed where Teresa Craig allegedly stabbed her husband multiple times.
An off-white pattered sheet, two pillows and a blue blanket strewn on the sofa bed were stained red and the bed was strewn with medical supplies.
The trial continues.