oregon militia

Oregon militiaman Jon Ritzheimer thought making a video about all the dildos they'Provided

The silver lining of the anti-gub'mint militants who’ve occupied a federal bird sanctuary in Oregon is that people, by and large, have taken them about as seriously as one would a group of rogue ranchers who’ve taken over a bird sanctuary.

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To add insult to injury, when they asked for care packages, they activated the nation’s chuckleheads, who’ve bombarded them with joke correspondences. Inevitably some of those were packed with dildos.

Well, they’re not taking this lying down, as it were. One member figured the best way to counter the abuse would be to record a video showing an untold number of said dildos, which he then angrily swept them off a table, as a corrupt businessman would a desk before getting it on with his secretary. Only these guys are never going to have sex again. Memo to militiamen from the comedy gods: Never leave.

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