There was electricity in the air yesterday as Premier Dalton McGuinty went on the attack in the legislature.


He challenged the opposition parties to reveal their plans for the future of the province’s electricity system — or stop complaining about the Liberals’ 20-year energy strategy.


“It’s a PFZ — a Plan-Free Zone,” McGuinty said as he pointed at the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats.


“At some time you’ve got to step up, you’ve got to get into the game. “You’ve got to put forward a plan.”


The government released its $87-billion, long-term energy plan Tuesday — noting hydro rates will jump nearly 50 per cent over five years, more than half of that to pay for green energy projects.

It’s time for the Tories and NDP to do the same, added McGuinty.

“Let’s move away from their rhetoric. Let’s translate that into reality, some hard copy, so that we can compare their numbers to our numbers,” he said.

“I think anybody who believes in their magic — that somehow we can have a clean, modern, reliable system that is going to work for the next 20 years and doesn’t cost us a single extra cent — should be giving their head a shake.”

The Tories and New Democrats are quick to criticize but slow to say what they’d do differently, noted McGuinty.

“The price of admission to this debate is you’ve got to have a plan.”