Dam levels are up as showers and thunder­storms drench the province, but Ontario should enjoy a brief respite from the rain today and tomorrow, Environ­ment Canada says.

The heavy rain has only come in the last four days, particularly in southern and eastern Ontario.

Severe weather meteorologist Bryan Tugwood says short, intense bursts of rain create run-off and flash flooding because the ground can’t absorb the water fast enough.

“I know that talking to the conservation authority here, some of the dams are getting quite high, the reservoirs. There’s not much room for too much more rain. It’s coming fast and furious.”

Tugwood says July brought a near-record rainfall last year, however, and Ontario is below those amounts this month.

This summer, low temperatures have set the record.

“It’s supposedly the coldest July and June since 1992.”

Rain levels varied, with 33 mm falling in the downtown area and only about 14 mm in the north end of Toronto, Tugwood said.

Tugwood said the waves of energy and occasional showers and thunderstorms would continue. “The potential for more heavy rain is there.”

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