Touchdowns in the CFL have decreased conspicuously this season, but zany dances after TDs have reached new heights — and executives at the league’s top levels have become concerned.

They’re so concerned, in fact, that they just might implement a rule — before the playoffs — that would prohibit end-zone celebrations. That’s the word from CFL sources, one of whom revealed to Metro that the idea of levying a 15-yard penalty for “excessive celebration” was discussed this week. If instituted, the penalty would be called taunting, a la the NFL and U.S. college football, and it would be applied on ensuing kickoffs, the source said.

“The consensus is that these dances, or whatever you want to call them, have gotten out of hand,” the source said. “It almost seems like some players put more thought into dancing than playing. Many fans like it, sure, but most coaches think it wastes players’ energy and that it unfairly rubs salt into the wounds of defences.”


Among the coaches who oppose the shenanigans are the two in Alberta.

Edmonton’s Danny Maciocia says the CFL has cheerleaders for dancing. And Calgary’s Tom Higgins says: “When you go overboard, I think you are taunting. It’s something the league needs to address.”

Strangely, it’s Higgins’ Stampeders who’ve come up with the wackiest celebrations — and they insist they won’t stop.

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