Calling all Calgarians — if dancing is your thing, move your feet to the beat and bust a move at the So You Think You Can Dance Canada auditions.

The SYTYCD Canada audition team is making its way into Calgary Monday. So put on your dancing shoes and a hip outfit and head down to the MacEwan Conference & Event Centre (2500 University Drive N.W.). People coming out to audition should be there for 9 a.m. to be guaranteed an audition.

Auditions are open to all Canadians who, as of April 1st, are of the age of majority in the province/territory in which they live, and are no older than 30 years of age.

Sean Cheesman, Calgary native and current host and lead judge of the U.K. dance competition Dirty Dancing: Time of Your Life, will be making his debut as a special guest judge for the Calgary auditions.

Cheesman says one of the things that bring competitors down during any competition is trying to be something they’re not. They’re not looking for actors or wacky characters, unless your personality really is off the wall.

“Don’t try to give us what you think we are looking for because we won’t know until we see it,” he says. “That X-factor comes from within. There is only one of you.”

Another thing to remember is to try to be as calm as possible, since being anxious and letting your butterflies get the best of you can handicap you from doing your best. Take a deep breath and relax.

“I feel the first thing they need to do to prepare for the audition is to remember that, we, the judges, are on their side,” he says. “We want them to do well, so get those nerves in check.”

One important fashion tip for all aspiring dancers is don’t show up in dance clothes. Whether it’s ballet, jazz, tap or salsa, Cheesman believes you’ll look a lot cooler in real clothes.

Lastly, don’t forget why you’ve come out to audition in the first place — your passion for music and of course for dancing.

“My last tip is when you’re dancing, always remember why you love to dance,” adds Cheesman. “You can learn steps and even fake it, but you can never learn or fake passion. This is what makes the difference between a good dancer and a great dancer. And, of course, listen to the music, dance with it and not on top of it.”

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