Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to strut your stuff, Calgary — So You Think You Can Dance Canada is wrapping up auditions Saturday at the University of Calgary.

Guest judge, and Edmontonian, dancer Stacey Tookey has a few tips for anyone looking to take their shot at dancing glory.

Just go in there with confidence and show us what you got, she said.

“Remember when you walk in there that we are on your side, we want you to do well, we want you to succeed,” said Tookey.

Tookey said they are always looking for something unique for someone to be seen as a top dancer.

“Don’t come in if you’re not serious about it. Don’t come in with an attitude, that’s something judges don’t like to see,” said Tookey.

Tookey suggests bringing snacks and lunch in order to keep your energy up because it could be a long wait for an audition.

“Come out and wow us right away, cause you might have 30 seconds,” she said.

More information can be found at http://www.ctv.ca.

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