Why the Protege?
Because the mileage was pretty good when I bought it second-hand and I feel really safe in it. It’s a good size, not too huge. Being an independent artist, I need to be able to get around the city. I may have to be in six different locations in one day, so I don’t want anything huge.

What would we find in your trunk?
I call it my small show-mobile. Right now, you’ll find circus props because of my current show about the world-famous hi-wire walkers of the Victorian era, so sticks, hats, ropes, Victorian era clothing. I also have a computer in there, a music library of tried and true CDs. Then I also have water, vitamins and theatrical objects. It’s all in the trunk. I keep the interior of my car really clean.

What type of driver are you?
I’ve never had an accident. I have a fantasy of being a race car driver though (laughs). I do respect the rules of the road. But if I was to let loose on the autobahn, that’s a different story (laughs).

What’s your ultimate dream car?
I would love to a get a Toyota Yaris. I drove a red one in Halifax this year. It’s fun and smooth and turns on a dime. But, my real dream car … hmm … it would be a silver Porsche.

You have a car motto. What is it?

Be good to your car and it will be good to you.