After placing third out of four final contestants in the televised dance competition So You Think You Can Dance Canada, a local dancer is looking back on the season finale, which aired Sunday night on CTV.

With a background involving gymnastics, Ukrainian Shumka dancers and Cirque du soleil, Jeff Mortensen already had a history of long practices and intense routine schedules.

“I think that my gymnastics background has definitely given me an edge in terms of taking a correction in that I’m not always looking for praise, I’m looking for improvement,” said Mortensen.

“As for Cirque du soleil and Shumka, both of those companies have given me an amazing repertoire. Shumka’s taught me you need to treat people with respect and that who you work with is who your family is and I’m so grateful for that.”

When asked about what viewers didn’t get to see behind the scenes, Mortensen laughs.

“We kind of have our own language and we talk in weird voices and accents and have little sayings only we understand,” he said.

“It’s strictly just a good time backstage.”