Dozens of dancers are getting the chance to learn a little from some famous choreographers.

Coastal Dance Rage is in town for a four-day seminar, which brings well-known choreographers such as Blake McGrath from So You Think You Can Dance Canada to town to teach local dancers some tricks.

“We bring all the top choreographers from all around the world,” said Shannon Mather, co-owner of Coastal Dance Range.

Mather, who has assisted with choreography on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, said that by bringing in the top talent to teach the dancers, it would help refine a dance community she already considers to be blossoming.

“(My brother) and I always said there’s so much talent and (if) we could bring over these amazing teachers, these kids would get better ... and get inspired, she said.”

Mather added that the quality of dance in Canada is getting greater and greater, and their program helps bring some new ideas.

“There’s a lot of incredible dancers here.”