Forget about kicking off your Sunday shoes, Louise. And Jack, get back because everybody’s loose, footloose, in Alberta’s capital for an entire week.

Since Friday, organizers with the Alberta Dance Alliance have been tapping their toes to kick off Edmonton’s Festival of Dance, which offers up some of Alberta’s most creative and talented dancers.

Each dancer also has a chance to meet with highly sought-after choreographers, and festival goers will have a chance to learn a move or two, says the program co-ordinator.

“This is a chance to get people who don’t normally see dancing to experience it,” said Nicole Kittlitz, with the Festival of Dance.

“With reality shows like Dancing With The Stars and America’s Got Talent, people are just a lot more interested in dancing,” she said.

The event, which runs through Sunday, offers up multi-disciplinary performances, workshops, and educational programs.

The Festival of Dance also features Currents production, at the TransAlta Arts Barns tonight, as well as a family dance in the Orange Hall where anyone can learn how to swing Saturday night.

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