Cape Breton Regional Police say they have found a party house so dangerous they want it demolished immediately.

“It is obvious it is being used as a drug house,” said Const. Gary Fraser. “It’s full of hypodermic needles.”

The vacant mobile home sits between two well-kept properties. A children’s play set in one backyard is only feet from the trailer.


Fraser, accompanied by the Cape Breton Post, uncovered 50-60 needles in a space of only a few feet. Fraser also found a type of rubber band associated with drug use, as well as a spoon with a white powder on it.

“By the looks of this, they have been busy in here.”

Fraser searched the structure after receiving a complaint Tuesday from a resident in the area. He said he will be contacting the Cape Breton Regional Municipality to have it torn down. Police will be searching it thoroughly first, he added.

“I would be worried about someone involved in the demolition getting stuck by one of these needles.”

Rick Fraser, CBRM manager of inspections and bylaws, said they have received complaints regarding this trailer.

He said the owner did not respond to a 30-day order to either secure or demolish the structure, so the CBRM will demolish the trailer and bill the owner. It is scheduled to be demolished next month.