Daniel aims for balance

Marcy Cornblum puts Jillian Barberie Reynolds (FOX Network meteorologist andactress) and Daniel Goddard (<em>Young And TheRestless</em>) in the spotlight.


Jillian Barberie Reynolds, FOX Network meteorologist and

Q What products make
you look and feel good?


A I use Crème De La
Mer everywhere. I love Giorgio Armani Beauty foundation, the one with the


Q How do you keep
life in perspective?

A My daughter Ruby
grounds me. I come home after work and forget all about Hollywood.

Q Describe your

A I wear whatever
works on my body. I love trends but I'm not a slave to them.

Q How do you stay

A I got back in shape
after the baby was born with NutriSystem and a trainer. Once I hit my goal I
stopped working out.

Daniel Goddard, actor, plays Cane Ashby in the Young And The
Restless, airing Monday to Friday afternoons on Global:

Q What products make
you look and feel good?

A I've been using
Proactiv Solution since '98. I like the way it exfoliates my skin. Proactiv
makes me feel clean and fresh. As soon as I finish work I take off my makeup;
even though on the show we wear very little, I just don't like the feeling of
it. I feel a scent should be subtle and
enhance your own smell. I wear either Calvin Klein's Eternity or Boss by Hugo

Q Describe your

A I prefer clothes
that are simple in design and fit. I want to look tailored. I wear Old Navy
jeans and T-shirts made in Australia.

Q How do you stay

A I do a full body
workout for 20 minutes five days a week. At the gym, I lift weights and use the
machines. The essential ingredient is balance in exercise and diet!

Marcy Cornblum is a freelance journalist. She's developed
up-close and personal relationships with celebrities including actors,
musicians and television personalities.

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