A federal panel failed to complete the job of reviewing the environmental impact of new reactors at the Darlington nuclear station, four environmental groups told a court.

They’ve filed an application with federal court, seeking an order sending the issue back to the review panel. The panel filed a report in August, following several weeks of hearings last spring, allowing work on the reactors to proceed if certain conditions are met.

Greenpeace has joined in the application with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Northwatch and the Canadian Environmental Law Association.

Richard Lindgren of the environmental law association said that Ontario Power Generation, which will run the reactors, doesn’t know who they’ll hire to build them, or what technology they’ll use.


“How can you meaningfully evaluate the environmental impact when you don’t know what the reactor is going to be?” he asked.

Mark Mattson of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper said another issue is the cooling system the new reactors will use. OPG wants to suck in cold lake water, circulate it once through the cooling system and then flush it back out into the lake. That warms the temperature of the water, and kills marine animals, said Mattson.

He has argued that the cooling system should be a closed loop, with the warmed water cooled in towers and re-used.

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