While Doug Flutie always outshone his kid brother during their playing days, Darren Flutie clearly is the superior broadcaster, and it was obvious when the two happened to be on national TV simultaneously a few days ago.


Darren is an informative and entertaining CFL analyst on CBC while Doug is proving to be a dull and sleep-inducing analyst of U.S. college football for ABC. His broadcasting career won’t last long.


Look for him to become a coach. In the CFL. Next year. (Clip and save.)


• Speaking of analysts, it was hilarious hearing TSN’s Chris Schultz on The Fan 590 in Toronto yesterday morning criticizing U.S. broadcasters for being difficult to understand. Has he ever listened to himself? ... The CFL’s TV ratings are down this season — not only because of Schultz’s bafflegab, but also because the games have been largely lousy — and so it figures that there was a terrific tilt between Winnipeg and Saskatchewan Sunday, just as most of us were checking out the NFL openers ... Damon Allen’s speech in Toronto Saturday was nice (and far more interesting than the touchdown-less game that followed), but why didn’t he thank Argonauts GM Adam Rita for giving him chance after chance to extend his professional quarterbacking career when no one else on earth would? ... Those giggles you’re hearing are from women who were dumped by Jesse “The Bachelor” Palmer, now trying out with Montreal after being waived right out of the NFL ... NBC has come up with Football Night in America, and you just know it was stolen from Hockey Night in Canada, eh? ... I admit it: I like Terrell Owens. And Bill Parcells is a bigger egomaniac than T.O ... And John Madden is overrated.

• Indianapolis is favoured to win the Super Bowl, but here’s why the Colts won’t win: They can’t stop the run ... I know he’s a multimillionaire icon, but I feel sorry for Brett Favre these days because he’s just so done ... Sorry, but I still don’t get why Houston passed on Reggie Bush ... That vicious hit on Chiefs quarterback Trent Green was illegal because he was already into his slide, and shame on the chicken broadcasters for failing to mention that ... The Heisman Trophy competition already seems to be down to a three-man race involving Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn, Ohio State QB Troy Smith and Ohio State receiver Ted Ginn Jr. ... And I swear I saw this Saturday — a shot of Ginn’s father in the stands with a graphic saying: “Ted Ginn Sr., father of Ted Ginn Jr.”

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