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DATA thinks green

It takes a little creativity for a paper company to think green.

It takes a little creativity for a paper company to think green.

The DATA Group of companies — which includes a local office in Dartmouth — provides all sorts of paper products for their customers, from pressure-sensitive labels to business cards.

When asked if it’s difficult for a paper-selling company to be environmentally friendly, Brad Hains, vice-president of sales and marketing, said no.

He said they’ve recycled since their inception, use vegetable oil or water-based inks, and they are now Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified.

FSC, an international organization, certifies forests to make sure they are used properly and that companies comply with environmental standards. They make sure there are no genetically modified trees, the waterways are protected, and the people and animals who live in the woodlands are respected.

“FSC is the only one credible that Greenpeace and the strong (environmental) organizations would support,” said Line Guignard, marketing manager.

DATA Group is audited every year to make sure the paper products produced in its plants and eventually delivered to its clients meet the environmental guidelines.

Hains said his company is the only one of its size to embrace FSC standards so rigorously.

“It was perhaps easier for us to do it because we had very good healthy and safety, ISO and recycling programs already in place, so it was easier for us to add this into our existing procedures,” he said.