A website called Cupidtino — in homage to Apple Inc.’s home base in Cupertino, Calif. — aims to connect fans with like-minded “Machearts.”

The idea is that if you love the iPhone and Mac maker’s products you might be best suited to date a fellow Apple fan.

Profile pages on the site reveal such intimate details as earliest Apple product purchases and lists of favourite iPhone apps.

Cupidtino is the brainchild of Mel Sampat, a former Microsoft employee, who came up with the idea during an argument with his girlfriend over using his iPad during dinner.

Sampat told her that if they ever broke up he would date some­one who liked Apple pro­ducts.

The site, which was initially available in a free “beta” version but starting yesterday charges users about $5 US a month to read messages they’ve been sent, has snagged 16,000 Apple fanboys and fangirls since it launched in early June.

It’s usable only on a Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, naturally. And you can only sign up on a Mac or iPad.

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