Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch
2920 Calgary Trail NW

Rating: *** 1/2
Signature dish: Cora’s Special ($9.95)
Breakfast or lunch for 2: $35

If you think you know Cora, think again.

Based on the story of the chain’s founder, I anticipated a little shop with a cheery older lady in back, producing each dish with loving attention. Instead, I stepped into a busy, bright yellow breakfast bistro.

Most of the fortyish tables were full and servers bustled back and forth. We were seated quickly, then ignored for a while with our menus folded neatly beside us.

Our server swooped in, cheerfully took our orders and left to seek our cappuccinos ($3.45). I had barely tasted the competently-brewed cup when our dishes arrived.

The Cora’s philosophy focuses on lots of fresh ingredients, so both of our plates were heaped with luscious fruit and generous breakfast portions.

My $10 bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, crepe and toast were good, solid fare, but I regretted not trying something more adventurous.

Luscious crêpes and creamy Béarnaise on the œufs Benedictine taunted me in my imagination.
I helped myself to some free homemade fudge as I paid my $30 bill and we stepped out to the full parking lot.

Open from early morning until 3 p.m., Cora’s is a busy, pleasant breakfast place. Sometimes, that just hits the spot.

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