Police say victim ‘was on somebody’s list’

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Dozens of Vancouver police swarm the scene of a targeted hit at 8462 Aqua Drive in South Vancouver yesterday where 20-year-old Kyle Richard Wong was killed.

A 20-year-old Vancouver man was murdered in front of his home in an apparent targeted shooting.

Kyle Richard Wong was gunned down just after 8:30 p.m. on Saturday outside his townhouse on Aqua Drive in South Vancouver, police said yesterday.

Vancouver police Const. Tim Fanning said Wong, who is known to have gang affiliations, was getting out of his vehicle after returning home when he was shot at several times.

"He was on somebody’s list," Fanning said. "Fortunately, nobody else was injured. It wouldn’t be unusual if innocent people were shot, but we’re lucky."

Neighbours called police and administered CPR, but Wong died at the scene.

Abby Leung, 15, who lives on the street, arrived home with her family at 9 p.m. and saw a gun lying on the road, which police sent for forensic identification.

"Police wouldn’t tell us anything, they just kept saying that something really bad had happened," she said. "They blocked off the entire road."

According to Leung, the neighbourhood is usually peaceful and safe.

"I’m a little nervous now. This is a great place to live, but with a shooting taking place just seconds from my house, it’s scary."

Witnesses said they saw a light-coloured sedan leaving the area shortly after the shots were fired.

sixth death

  • This is Metro Vancouver’s sixth shooting death of the year.

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