Alberta’s deadbeat parents beware.

The province has revamped the “Help Us Find” website in an effort to seek Alberta’s worst child and spousal support debtors, the government said in a release today.

“Child support is a responsibility, not an option. There are a lot of responsible payers in Alberta, but some still don’t get it,” justice minister Alison Redford said.


“At the end of the day, it’s about the well-being and quality of life of the child. Children deserve love, attention and financial support - divorce and separation do not change that,” Redford added.

The newly designed site, administered by the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP), seeks the public’s help in finding the debtors.

Website users are able to view photos and information of debtors through an interactive map divided by provinces at this website. The list is based on a number of criteria including amount owed and number of months they are in default.

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