Talks continued between the city’s high school teachers and the public board late last night as a midnight deadline loomed to get a deal, after which $54 million for salary increases and extra teaching jobs would be lost.

At a meeting Wednesday, trustees stood firm in their demand high school teachers should be doing more supervision, an issue the union has so far refused to discuss.

But Doug Jolliffe, head of District 12 of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, has said the board is simply trying to download work onto teachers. Teachers, he argues, are trained in classroom management, not hall supervision.

He met with hundreds of members yesterday to discuss possible next steps if no deal was reached by the deadline, including a strike vote and job action.

The union has also filed a bad-faith bargaining charge against the board, saying it is trying to negotiate supervision but that’s not allowed under the provincial agreements signed on to late last year. The board disagrees.


• Right now, teachers can do 37 supervision blocks of roughly 40 minutes each every school year. But because of restrictions in past collective agreements, they only end up doing 10 to 12. That’s the lowest rate in the province, and the duties usually fall to principals and vice-principals.

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