A provincial transportation spokesperson is calling Highway 104 safe after another fatal collision on the busy stretch of road yesterday.

Lindsay Lewis, spokesperson for the Department of Transportation, says a number of factors are involved in any collision and those haven't been determined in three fatal collisions on Highway 104 since last Wednesday.

“Usually what we find ... is that it’s a case of distracted driving, speeding ... we do see the same contributing factors over and over again,” she said.

West River Fire Department Chief Dennis Harnish said he has seen drivers speeding on the highway first hand. After travelling to Antigonish multiple times this summer, Harnish said he was shocked by the speed of drivers.

“They’ve got to slow down as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

“I drive around 100 or 105 (km/h) and people are passing me like I’m sitting on the side of the road.”

Merigomish Fire Department Chief Paul Schnurr said he has not seen a series of accidents like this in a long time.

He said it’s not known whether the cause of the accidents is related to highway conditions or drivers’ attitudes.

All three fatal collisions took place in the two-lane portion of the highway.

“They need to slow down, leave lots of space between vehicles and don’t drive aggressively,” he said.