Jennifer Lopez is ridiculous.

I put up with her Fiat commercials. I admit I was a little thrown when the car appeared in her Papi music video (and a 30-second trailer for the video) but I dealt with it. But did a Fiat 500 really have to appear onstage with her during her performance of Papi during Sunday night’s AMAs?

It’s just that everything lately with the celeb has been so in-your-face. I realize she is trying to stage a comeback and is trying to refill her bank account, but it’s reaching saturation point (like, what was up with that skintight Britney Spears-esque bodysuit she was wearing at the AMAs? We get it. You’re 42 and still super hot but come on, put some pants on. You’re a mom now; you can be sexy without showing off your crotch).

She is acting like a slutty reality TV contestant instead of the true star she is.


Another case in point? She was sure to leak her behaviour at a celebrity-packed AMA after-party to Us Weekly. The magazine reported that Lopez retreated to a private booth with her new boy toy, dancer Oscar Smart, where she was seen grinding on his lap, rubbing his head and kissing him.

This isn’t to say that Lopez shouldn’t have a good time now that she’s single and on the prowl. She gets a hearty “you go, girl!” for that. But she should do so within reason. And, for God’s sake, leave your endorsements of Fiat for the commercials.

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