Debate over the number of HRM councillors isn’t over yet.

At the end of a late-night council meeting on Tuesday, Deputy Mayor Brad Johns brought forth a notice of rescission.

“He intends to bring that motion back to council for discussion and see if there is a willingness to deal with that issue once again,” Mayor Peter Kelly said in an interview yesterday.

Johns wasn’t available for comment.

“If they agree to rescind the motion then it’s pulled back and the motion is open for re-discussion,” Kelly said.

Councillors debated the issue for over five hours on Aug. 3.

They were divided on the issue, but voted down motions to reduce their numbers from 23 to 16, 18, or 20.

Coun. Sue Uteck said yesterday she wanted 16, but she doesn’t think the number of councillors will be changed.

“I think it’s honourable in spirit but this council is fully deadlocked,” she said.

“We couldn’t agree at 16, 18 or 20, so is 19 the number? It should be dealt with very quickly. I don’t see us going anywhere on it.”

The motion can be put without debate and Uteck said she expects it to go that way.

“I don’t see anyone changing their minds.”

The motion will be on next Tuesday’s agenda.