Debate is brewing over the proposed location of a southeast regional recreation facility set to be discussed today at council.

Ward Ald. Ric McIver said he will not be supporting Ward 14 Ald. Linda Fox-Mellway’s motion to choose Seton as the site for the future $70-million multiplex.

“I think this motion would basically slow down the entire process,” McIver said.

However, Fox-Mellway disagrees and said the motion will finally launch the new facility planned for the southeast and allow community volunteers to seek corporate sponsors.

Jack Redekop, president of the Seton Sport, Recreation, Culture and Wellness Society, said he supports Fox-Mellway’s motion.

“I think McIver just wants to have the facility in Quarry Park, but the community has spoken and they want the facility in Seton. We just want to get moving on this,” Redekop said.

The funding was already approved by council as part of a $210-million pledge for a facility in each quadrant of the southeast, northeast and northwest.

Redekop pointed out the northeast facility has already broken ground.

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