Tennants worried about insurance coverage

Rafe Arnott/metro vancouver


Construction workers continue to assess and repair the Rosario Garden apartment complex in Richmond yesterday, months after a Piper Seneca crashed into it. Residents will be notified next week whether insurance will cover all the damages.

Residents of a Richmond highrise that was struck by a small airplane in October will find out next week how much of the damage will be covered by insurance.

On Oct. 19, a twin-engine Piper Seneca slammed into the ninth floor of a tower at Rosario Gardens, causing extensive damage, flooding and forcing the building to be evacuated.

During the subsequent insurance investigation it was determined that the tower was leaky. Evidence was found of mould and previous water penetration.

Some residents are worried that the damaged floors might not be covered because of evidence of previous water damage. Gerry Fanaken, CEO of Vancouver Condominium Services, said the insurance adjuster has yet to make a decision but a report is expected late next week.

moving back in…

  • Residents of the undamaged floors, 10 and above, are expected to move back into their suites in February.

  • Residents in the seventh floor and below will be allowed back sometime in March. No date has been set for the heavily damaged eighth and ninth floor.

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