Tired of Santa knowing your location and constantly judging your behaviour?

The 106th Santa Claus parade will give you the same power, with an iPhone app that includes the aggressively named “Track Him!” feature.

“It’s kind of scary,” the festive fellow said at the secret parade workshop yesterday. “Santa was always able to sneak away and do things.”

Santa ho-ho-hoed his way through his official loss of privacy at the float preview.

A friend identified as Elf John followed him with an accordion, which seemed to cheer him. “I let the elves do the modern stuff. I’m not a tweeter or a texter,” Santa said.

Dashboard Communications developed the SantaParade app to help people “get more magic out of the parade.” Aside from tracking Santa, you can turn your iPhone into jingle bells.

“It seems so simple,” said associate creative director Catherine Baird as she jingled her phone.

“It took a few months to develop.”

The Dashboard team tried to make the jingle sound themselves but found a perfectly crisp sound that someone had already recorded. They modified it and put it on a continual loop.

They’re hoping to expand the app to BlackBerrys in the future.