Frigid temperatures recorded yesterday shattered records set in previous years, marking the coldest Dec. 13 in Edmonton’s history.

The temperature at the Edmonton International Airport dipped to -46.1 C at its lowest point, smashing the -36.1 C record set in 2008, Environment Canada meteorologist David Schmidt said yesterday.

“It was a chilly one,” he said.

The Edmonton City Centre Airport recorded -36.6 C yesterday, beating the previous record of -32.8 C set in 1882.

“We’re probably experiencing the coldest temperatures we’ll see for the next little while,” he said.

Thankfully, Schmidt added, the season’s icy grip will ease by mid-week when the Arctic high-pressure area dominating weather over the Prairies will shift to a Pacific stream.

Temperatures will level out by Friday, likely reaching minus single-digits.

The all-time record at the International Airport was set in January 1972, when the mercury fell to -48.3C.

“We almost beat it — just within the two-degree range,” Schmidt said.

Edmonton was the coldest place in the world yesterday, second only to a Siberian weather station, where temperatures reached -48 C.

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