Frigid temperatures expected all week



Ben Lemphers/for metro edmonton


A not-too-happy Edmontonian clears snow from a downtown parking lot yesterday on a frigid Alberta day which saw temperatures drop to around -30 C.

Brace yourself or put on a warm balaclava.

Arctic temperatures and blowing snow that have flash frozen Edmonton could be here awhile, says Environment Canada.

"We’re in it for a few days here in Edmonton—that’s for sure," said Dan Kulak, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

"We are looking towards a moderation in the latter part of the week, if you can call -17 degrees as a high a moderation. But technically it will be because it’s -30 now."

Edmonton, along with most of Alberta, was hit with a winter wallop Sunday and yesterday that saw temperatures dip below the -30 C mark. Windchills made those unlucky enough to work outside experience -45 C temperatures.

The cold weather made hundreds of rural students stay home, while students in the city had a hard time making it into class yesterday.

Of the Edmonton Catholic Schools’ 176 bus routes, 27 routes were cancelled because of the cold, reported school board spokeswoman Lori Nagy.

Other students, including those who had to write high school final exams, opted to say at home because of the extreme weather as several schools reported low attendance numbers, said Edmonton Public Schools’ spokeswoman Jane Ferrell.

Waiting for buses wasn’t a fun experience for transit users either as service was delayed by 30 minutes, according to Edmonton Transit. Some buses were seen struggling up hills in the city’s river valley.

"It was really challenging for bus drivers today, but we live in a winter city," says Edmonton Transit spokesman Randy Kilburn.

"This is a good old-fashioned Alberta storm."

City road crews and hired graders worked long shifts to plow Edmonton streets in the last two days braving strong winds and drifting snow.

The wind made it tricky for crews to sand and salt the roads as it would get blown away as soon as it was placed, says the city’s transportation department.

drive safe

  • Edmonton police said motorists were cautious yesterday and took their time getting to work. More collisions were reported on a sunny day in July than during yesterday’s winter storm, said police spokesman Jeff Wuite.