It can be done --in 40 seconds.

While most headlines were focusing Monday on the coming storm that, in a touch of irony, primarily slammed New England, some reporters kept their eyes on what really matters: Tom Brady’s deflated balls.

Eleven of the Pats’ 12 game footballs in the Jan. 18 AFC Championship game were under inflated by 2 pounds per square inch of air. New England defeated the Colts 45-7 to advance to this Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Seahawks.

Indeed, Fox Sports Jay Glazer reported this ballbuster: A New England Patriots ball boy took the 12 deflated balls in question into a bathroom for 90 seconds.

A Daily News reporter has shown 12 balls can easily be deflated in 90 seconds.

He took a bag of balls into a bathroom and did this:“Curious to see how long it would take to deflate one ball to Brady’s liking, I stuck in a pin, heard the tell-tale “Pssss” for 2.2 seconds and rechecked the pressure with a gauge. It was 11 pounds per square inch ….My personal DeflateGate took just 40 seconds. Add in a few bobbles and the time it took to get in and out of the bathroom stall, and the entire affair took me just 77 seconds — well under the 90-second deadline.”


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