Family wants slain man’s body to be re-examined in city



Del Pinto


Now that the body of their slain son has returned to the city, a Calgary family has requested another autopsy be completed on his remains.

The family of 24-year-old Leo Del Pinto, who was shot while in Thailand during an altercation with an off-duty Thai police officer, requested the Calgary medical examiner’s office perform an autopsy on the young man. Results of the autopsy are expected today.

Ernie Del Pinto, father of the slain Calgary man, spoke to reporters in his home about the grief and anger the family is feeling from the lack of answers.

“I just lost the love of my life, my son who carried my name, my blood,” he told media on Saturday.

The family has retained the legal counsel of Adriano Iovinelli, who was also at the home and spoke on legal matters on behalf of the family.

Ross Fortune, the family spokesperson, told Metro the family has been left in the dark about the investigation.

“The only communication from the Canadian government has been in regards to getting Leo’s body back, but they haven’t informed us about the investigation,” Fortune said.

While off-duty police officer Uthai Dechawiwat has been charged with premeditated murder, the family hasn’t received any other news in what they suspect is a coverup.

“The officials in Thailand are more concerned with tourism than finding justice. We want the governments to know we have legal counsel and we are pursuing legal avenues,” Fortune said.

The family will continue to seek answers from the Canadian government as well as Thailand officials.

Carly Reisig continues to recover from bullet wounds she received while out with Del Pinto.