(Credit: YouTube) The tower weighs in at just under a ton. Credit: YouTube


What do 500,000 Lego pieces and a group of Delaware students add up to? The world's tallest Lego tower.


At 112 feet and 11.75 inches tall, students from the Red Clay school district made the Guinness World Records book on Monday for building the world's tallest structure made of the toy bricks.


Students from every school in the district worked on the project, and the district even held a "brick drive" to collect the Legos, Delaware Onlinereports. It also held fundraisers and collected donations.


The 11-story tower weighs just under 1 ton.


In order to qualify for the Guinness record, the tower had to be free-standing and contain no adhesives. The previous record-holder was a 106-foot tower built in Prague in 2012.