The big hype over the implementation of 10-digit dialing may have some staring blankly at their phones, especially if they’ve followed the rules and dialed “403” only to get an error message.

Chris Gerritsen with Telus said that every line is being switched manually, 15 switches at a time, meaning that not all lines are ready for the change even though it was slated to start yesterday.

But he expects that every user on the Telus system will be hearing the long yet friendly reminder to use 10 digits by the end of the week.


“This (reminder period) will help ensure we hit the ground running,” said Gerritsen, adding that Sept. 12 is the “drop dead date” for both Alberta and B.C.

Though some may find it a bit of a hassle to begin with, Calgarian Debbie Bradley, who used to live in Toronto where 10-digit dialing is a must, said it’s “just three numbers” and we’ll just have to get used to it.
“Every kind of change is always going to be hassle to somebody,” she said.

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