Mouth-watering food, elegant ambience and top-notch customer service are just a few of the perks that Marry Me Halifax couple Michelle LeBlanc and Tony Wood have to look forward to as they unwind at their wedding rehearsal dinner.

The Delta Halifax and Delta Barrington have been making a fine art of event planning since 1972.

“We have been in the wedding business for a very long time and we are thrilled to have executive chef Sean Doucet and his team, who manage and run both properties from the food and beverage side of things, and a fantastic event-planning crew from our sales and catering department who take care of all of our customers’ needs,” says Darren Czech, director of sales and marketing for Delta Halifax and Barrington.

The Delta Halifax houses roof-top ballrooms that provide a stunning 14-storey panoramic view of downtown Halifax and the harbour waterfront.

The Delta Barrington provides a more boutique atmosphere. For Michelle and Tony’s 25-person wedding rehearsal dinner, the Delta Halifax has provided the Empress Boardroom.

Executive chef Sean Doucet has designed menus, including three appetizer options, three main course options and three dessert options for readers to decide upon.

“We make all of our products in-house and we use as much local product as we can, and I think that gives our customers the opportunity to taste something that is awesome — a high-quality meal,” Doucet explains.

“With a small group like this one, we’re able to do a lot,” Doucet says. “The sky’s the limit. As a chef, I could play around with food for forever and a day, so it was a lot of fun to create ideas for their rehearsal dinner.”

As well as being a top chef, Doucet is also a trained sommelier, trained to expertly pair his courses with the perfect wines.

“The culinary offering is a banquet service in a restaurant style,” Czech says of Doucet’s creations. “Essentially, nothing sits around in a hot box. As far as my experience tells me, brides and grooms don’t always tend to be on time, and it’s their special day, so we want them to be able to spend extra time on whatever they want. When Sean joined us in 2002, he brought with him a style that provides restaurant-style, hot and fresh food, in a group setting. Sean doesn’t start preparing the food until he knows the exact amount of time is required to execute it flawlessly.”

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