Any hopes Fernando Navarro had of being allowed to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds were dashed yesterday when immigration services ordered him deported on June 19 — the day before World Refugee Day.

The Honduran-born Surrey roofer and father of 10, whose wife is pregnant, was denied refugee status because he once worked as a drug mule for a Honduran drug lord.

Navarro said it’s unfair to his large family that the poor choices he made as a youth could leave them without an income.

“I was so young. I didn’t speak English, I was afraid to speak to people here,” Navarro said, adding that, unfortunately, the people who did speak his language were involved with drugs.

Navarro reapplied to stay on humanitarian grounds, but his change-of-address paperwork was allegedly lost and the Ministry of Immigration closed his file.

His wife, Rochelle, said their children are “devastated” at the thought of losing their father, especially their four little girls who cling to him whenever he heads out the door.

The Navarros said they tried to turn to their MP, Conservative Nina Grewal, for help, but she hasn’t returned their calls.

When they went to the immigration offices yesterday for the deportation date, Rochelle said they were belittled by the staff.

“They said (Fernando) needs to pack his stuff,” she said, adding that they asked how the family was going to be able to afford his plane fare.

“I’m starting to feel angry and mad,” she said. “If we can get this (case heard), I feel we can stop the deportation.”