Design makes KiWe a prime place


King West Kitchen features great design.


King West Kitchen

587 King St. W..


Ambience: Just when you thought King West was already overcrowded by trendy lounges, eateries, and hybrids of both, King West Kitchen (a.k.a. KiWe) emerges on the scene. But save judgment if you think this venue is more of the same old, same old. Sure, KiWe caters to the typical posh, in-the-know crowd as other restaurants and bars on the street, but a delightfully simple — yet well-accented and conversation-worthy — contemporary interior design make this a prime destination for dinner or drinks, or both.

Fans of the patio vibe at Wish located at Charles and Yonge Sts., will sense a similar vibe here, but expect the conversation to focus more on portfolios and career prospects with an occasional mention of that “awesome new” personal trainer. For those who enjoy a bit of class, a smidgen of pretension and dash of cool served with their cocktails, KiWe is a sound option.

Crowd: Everyone from corporate suits to club kids with a bit of cash to flash around. The late-20s clientele enjoy the chilled tone and long drink list while people-watching from the patio.

Dress code: Casual chic is the order of the day, but do dress to impress. KiWe guests enjoy looking magazine-photo-shoot-ready at all times.

Should I dance on the bar? The patio you may get away with — the bar, not a chance.

Will I get lucky? Nothing is impossible, but the atmosphere is conducive to leisurely conversation, not pick-up moves.

Best Conversation Topic: The great improvement in abdominal definition you've noticed since you started working out with that new personal trainer.

Cocktail du jour: This is definitely a martini, cocktail or wine-drinking venue. Give the Passionata (Sauza Gold tequila, Gran Marnier, peach and mango juice) a try, or my personal favourite, the Donkey Punch (Absolut vodka, Sourz apple, Red Bull, lemon juice sugar). Martini fans should enjoy the KiWe Martini (Absolut raspberry, Absolut ruby red, Sourz raspberry and white cranberry juice), while others can indulge in the reasonably-priced and decently-varied wine list with nice selections from the U.S., Australia, France and Italy.

Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday noon to 10 p.m.; Thursday through Saturday noon to 2 a.m.; closed Sunday and Monday.