Twice was not as nice for designer Genevieve Graham as she got eliminated for a second time on last night’s episode of Project Runway Canada.

The confident and frank Vancouver designer had previously been eliminated but got a second chance when the show brought her and Hamilton designer Jason Meyers back last week.

This time, designers had to create a tailored business suit for a female executive, with a mid-episode twist: Two hours from the runway show, designers were given another afternoon to create a set of lingerie to be worn under the suit.

Most designers got lauded for their lingerie designs but had varying levels of success with their business suits.

Graham struggled with the constraints of business attire and guest judge David Dixon called her chocolate-brown power suit “frumpy,” getting her sent home again.

Graham is happy she got a chance to show more of her unique design style on the show and hopes people will appreciate her against-the-grain fashion creations.

“I got another chance to show my work. I had a very different look from everyone else, a little less on the commercial side. I think being the black sheep will work out for the better,” she said.

Graham weathered her first elimination with a shrug and her trademark confidence. This time around the usually stoic designer fought back tears and looked more affected. She says being so close to the prize, especially for a second time, made getting cut that much tougher.

“Leaving and coming back, that was a bit more emotional for me. I was getting closer to the end and I was feeling a little beaten down,” Graham said.

Despite getting heaved a second time from the competition, Graham says the experience hasn’t shattered her confidence at all.

“I still think I was one of the strongest designers on the show. Every piece I do is individual and one-of-a-kind and I am extremely confident in my work,” she said.

Graham admits her choice of thick fabric in the business suit challenge, which made the suit seem heavy and unwieldy, wasn’t ideal.

“A different fabric would have been better for sure,” she said.

The judges frequently harped on Graham for having similar draped designs in all her clothing but the 31-year-old designer thinks they pigeonholed her too quickly and failed to appreciate the signature look she was going for with all her designs.

“I felt that when I did try to break out a little more (the judges) didn’t acknowledge it. I don’t think they really understood my brand,” Graham said.

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