Trish Ewanika is a Canadian womenswear designer whose legion of loyal customers love Ewanika — her contemporary line of polished, unfussy and chic day-to-night clothing.


What she drives
A grey 1992 960 Volvo Sedan


Why the 960 Volvo?
I bought my first car ever in 2005. Before that, I’d cycled and used the TTC. I saw this car parked in a driveway near where I lived and I used to say ‘One day when I have a car, it’s going to be a Volvo just like that one.’ And my neighbour said, ‘Well, it’s for sale.’


It was a 1983 camel-coloured Volvo station wagon. So I bought it and I loved it. But it expired last year. And the 960 sedan came along and it appealed to me. I like the look of old cars. Well, Volvos last a long time. I have this philosophy. I like things that are of quality and I would rather maintain something’s that’s old, even if it’s worn, and use it to the end of its life or purpose rather than something new all the time.

Do you have a favourite feature?
I feel a bit pimped out in it because it has electronic windows (laughs). My 1983 Volvo didn’t and I had to crank them down (laughs). And I love the sunroof. It has a leather interior, dark charcoal grey on grey, and is in perfect condition. And it has great space for transporting stock and materials for my business.

Does your car have a name?
We call her Little Edie (after Jacqueline Kennedy’s infamously eccentric cousin who was recently portrayed by Drew Barrymore in the HBO film Grey Gardens) because she’s grey and isn’t really that small.

What type of driver are you?
Fairly cautious, although some people may disagree. I get impatient with people who aren’t polite on the road. I lived in Italy for a while, so I have a habit in the car of speaking Italian and swearing in Italian, so if I say something nasty to another driver in Italian, it feels like it’s not really me (laughs).