Do you sometimes feel your office space is coming in on you? The truth is your work space has a direct impact on your productivity.


“Lighting, plants and artwork lift the energy in any space,” says Aroon Ajmera, director of Feng Shui Designs Ltd. “Research has shown that people are much more motivated and healthier when they sit near windows.”


Where your desk is positioned also impacts your work. If your back is to the door this makes you uneasy and uncomfortable. “It’s best to arrange your desk so that when you are sitting, you are facing your main doorway,” says Darrin Zeer author of Office Feng Shui: Creating Harmony In Your Work Space.


Kirsten Lagatree, author of Feng Shui At Work: Arranging Your Work Space For Peak Performance And Maximum Profit, suggests if you can’t change your desk, place a small mirror above it to provide a view of the rear. “If possible, move the desk so that you can see as much of the office as possible and sit as far away from the door as you can. This makes you ‘master of your domain’ and gives you a powerful place,” says Lagatree.


T. Raphael Simons, author of Feng Shui Strategies For Business Success, also suggests being mindful of windows. “The desk placed so you have the window to your back puts you in a position that people won’t trust you,” he says.

  • Next week we’ll look at lighting, clutter and what we can do to improve our office space.

Kavita Gosyne, 26, is a vibrant young journalist. She writes about her transition from student to employee and the issues she faces such as office politics.