Calgary Police presence on transit lines might not be necessary to curb crime.

In a report released Thursday, the city administration said transit officers and Calgary police should continue working together, but transit officers should be the ones on the trains.

Peace officers typically respond to nuisance calls according to the report, like public drunkenness and fare evasion. And though ridership has increased the crime rate on public transit was down in 2008.

However, Ald. Ray Jones thinks Calgary Police sh­ould be on the trains. He said when police rode the train in his ward the response was very positive.

“People feel a lot more secure,” said Jones.

Jones said the peace officers should be augmented with Calgary Police.

According to the report if police took over, Calgary Transit would still need employees to check fares, making it the more expensive option.

Calgary transit is also asking for $1.32 million to hire 12 peace officers and two staff members in 2010.

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