Promising more details in just a few weeks, Premier Gordon Campbell said yesterday that the Evergreen Line will likely be built as part of a public-private partnership.

In the next several weeks, said Campbell following a speech in Vancouver, the government will release details of a major transit review. Part of that review will outline a strategy for the long-promised 11-kilometre rapid transit line from Burnaby to Coquitlam, through Port Moody.

“The province has said that we’re going to move ahead with this,” Campbell said.

“This will likely be a form of public-private partnership that will bring additional resources to the table.”

In a budget speech last week, Finance Minister Colin Hansen said construction on the estimated $1.4-billion line would begin in 2011, not late 2010 as previously planned. The line will use SkyTrain technology.

The province has committed $410 million to the project, while the federal government has provided almost $70 million and has pledged an additional $350 million after the final details are approved.

TransLink has acknowledged that its share of the project is $400 million (in addition to the ongoing operational funding) but hasn’t yet said where those funds will come from.

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