Jessica Smith/For Metro Vancouver


Vancouver city council is spending $625,000 to look at replacing the walkways around Science World.

City engineers hope Vancouver city council will opt to replace the deteriorating walkways around Science World, a project that will cost $26 million if approved.

The other option is to spend $3 million every three years on repairs and maintenance.

“Given the Olympics are coming up and it is right next to the athlete’s village, we’re preferring to replace it,” said Ian Adam, a city assistant engineer.

City council recently approved a $650,000 budget to determine which option is best.

The decks were built as a temporary structure for Expo ‘86 and were expected to last only a few years, Adam said.

“It’s in pretty bad shape. The timber piles are deteriorating; they’ve got marine borers getting into them. They’ve got fungus — just basically falling apart. The concrete beams on top have got cracks running along them.”

“We check it very regularly,” Adam added. “And it is safe, no question about that.”

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