City offers rebates on low-flush johns

robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Terry Harding, department supervisor for kitchens and bathrooms at Home Depot Chinook will be more than happy to show you toilets that qualify for the City of Calgary $50 low-flow toilet rebate.

The City of Calgary and Home Depot are flush with pride in an initiative to get water-wasting johns out of Calgarians’ bathrooms.

There are incentives beyond becoming one of more than 10,000 Calgarians who have made the switch to low-flow flush toilets, in the Toilet Truckload Sale this weekend.

Bring in your Enmax residential water bill and you’ll be eligible for a $50 rebate from the City of Calgary when you purchase a low-flow toilet.

"An older toilet can use up to 20 litres of water per flush, and with the average person flushing five times per day, that’s a bath tub full of water and money going down the drain," notes Kate Murray, public program co-ordinator, water services, for the city.

Pedra Marshall, captain of the event last year at Home Depot North Hill, said this is an opportunity for people to get educated in plumbing issues.

Last year the store sold out of low-flow flushers and Marshall said it was "steady all day" as customers carted out their water-rationing thrones.

The City of Calgary is partnering with the local retailer as a way to improve Calgarians’ knowledge of water conservation and to help provide tools and incentives to reduce the amount of water used in the home.

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