If you’re a Red Wings fan, the Detroit Eatery on the Danforth was the place to watch the Stanley Cup Wednesday night.


“Every Wings fan in the city was in here; and trust me, there are a lot of us. There was standing room only,” said Chris Antaras, whose family owns the Detroit Eatery on Danforth Ave., near Chester Ave.


“I was still recovering from the triple overtime game. I’m just glad it’s over — that’s all I can say. I couldn’t take much more.”


The family-owned diner is known for its excessive Wings-memorabilia decor and die-hard fan of an owner. The now 39-year-old Antaras fell in love with the Detroit Red Wings at 15. Even though he was born and raised in Toronto, a lot of his family lives in Detroit.


Yesterday morning, many of the late-night revellers, came back for some morning coffee and eggs. “It was crazy in here,” said Kimon Korkodilos, 43. “Every time they scored a goal, the place went nuts.”