Growing older hasn’t stopped Diane Morton from pursuing school and her zeal to make a difference in the world.

Morton says she wears her age like a badge even though she doesn’t feel her age or look her age of 66 years.

“I set high goals for myself,” said Morton, also an active member of the public speaking Toastmasters since 2006.

Morton is enrolled at the University of Calgary majoring in Developmental Studies and intends to improve lives of people in developing countries after completing her studies.

Students Jennifer Lay, 25, and Amy Badry, 19, both met Morton through the U of C.

“I am who I am with Diane, I don’t feel like I have to tone down anything, she’s just as crazy, we both love to dance,” said Badry.

Lay has learnt from Morton that goals can still be set and accomplished and life doesn’t need to be seen as over no matter how old you are.

Morton’s intuition has guided her into friendships with younger students and she only approaches others she senses would be open to her.

“I always think of Diane as equal, I don’t think of her as older than me,” said Badry while the trio baked for a Developmental Studies Group fundraiser.

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