Vociferous Springbank residents packed the Rocky View council chambers to voice their opinion on Bingham Crossing, a commercial development planned for the area. And they did so well into the night.

The development, slated for just northeast of Calaway Park, met opposition from surrounding community members.

“The Springbank way of life is a quiet, country lifestyle where people come first and children are safe,” said Laurel Stoness, a seven-year Springbank resident who feels Bingham Crossing will jeopardize the rural atmosphere.

“I moved to the M.D. of Rocky View, not Wal-Mart view,” she said.

Opponents voiced their concerns about sewage disposal, water use, policing, property values, tax increases, light pollution, and traffic.

“My concern is the traffic,” said resident Doug Bulger. “They haven’t really addressed the Achilles’ heel of this thing — the Old Banff Coach Road turnoff.” He said that to a GPS, the quickest route from Calgary is not the one being upgraded.

Supporters argued it would diversify their tax base, add employment and provide gathering spaces and increased access to public services.

“I’ve looked at the scenery go by for more than 70 years,” said Marshall Copithorne, “(and) there’s always resistance to change.”

Stu Bradley, a 40-year resident reminded opponents “friends of mine sold their land to the ‘dreaded developer,’ which enabled (you) to move out there.”

A decision on the development wasn’t made by press time.

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